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New Mix: Partidas 17

posted Sep 23, 2013, 9:44 AM by LNew OkiRonin

Number seventeen of the Partidas series.  This one’s kind of heavy, folks.  Not so much about my life (which has been so-so, thank you), but of all I have seen around me.

The evil and negative energy I’ve seen this past month has seemed to hit new lows.  On an international scale, and as I write this, a stand-off at a Nairobi shopping mall is reaching a gory ending.  Earlier this month, the chemical attack in Syria brought back very real echoes of the Cold War, and confirmed that the civil war there has become a proxy war just like Viet Nam, Angola/Mozambique, Nicaragua, etc.  And on the other side of Asia, conflict seems just one patrol boat incursion away as China insists on it's "historical" ownership of some rocks and reefs in the nearby seas.

And closer to me, I find people/family/friends afraid (particularly of losing their jobs), or going through the motions just to make it by, or have given up hope of more or better from life.  Even to the extent of learning a 5-year seminarian friend was denied priesthood by the diocese (Episcopal/Anglican) for no good reason that could be seen besides, possibly, guilt by association.

The music, yes, heavy.  About half Jazz, if that.  Quite a few live tracks.  Of note, saxphonist Ms. Tia Fuller, back-to-back with The Captain Black Big Band, of which she also plays for.  Also, the final live track by Efterklang who employed former Siouxsie & The Banshees drummer Peter “Budgie” Clarke on their world tour.  (Good to see him and his talent move on from the Goth-old days.)  As usual, a few for the Mystery Lady.

And though I normally don’t mention anything about the intros/outros, these came from the 1964 movie Fail-Safe, one of the best Cold War movies in my opinion, and quite apropos for this month’s mix.  If you can find the movie, see it.

This next month, I swear, will be more upbeat.  After that, there maybe a sabbatical coming up, but it’s all for the good.

Enjoy the mix for what it is.  Hope, prayers and good juju to all.  LN