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New Mix: Partidas 10

posted Mar 29, 2013, 8:50 PM by LNew OkiRonin

Numba 10!  Big ol' number ten of the Partidas series.  My birthday mix, too.  (Forty-two years young, thank you.)  Good stuff this mix, especially from Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra.  Wow!  From just the little bit I heard off the end of this tune when 91.7 played it, while I was driving in San Antonio, and I had to hear more!  (By the way, cover photos from Hemisfair Park and the Tower Life Building in downtown S.A.) 

Also, realized a DJ accuaintence in JP and I must have ESP, and discovered Hiatus Kaiyote at the same time.  (He got there first, but I learned of them from a gig they played at this year's SXSW.)

And, finally, if you came here from the Pod-o-matic, yes, another mix for the Mystery Lady.  Playing into one of her latest music tastes with some heavy guitars (Surf, Psychedelic, Shoegaze) and a few other mind benders.  Maybe she's dreaming of the sun setting into the Pacific from a beach on the other side.  Yes, baby, I've been there before, and it's a beautiful sight.  Maybe a beer together on that beach...?

Enjoy.  LN