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New Mix: Negócios ou lazer? 19½

posted Aug 26, 2015, 7:25 PM by LNew OkiRonin   [ updated Aug 27, 2015, 1:22 PM ]

Number nineteen and a half of the Negócios ou lazer? series.  Rounded out and ready for number twenty.

For this mix, more than others before, is the collection of all the music I meant to put into one of the previous mixes, but didn't quite fit in.  And with that, this is one crazy ride.  Of note, a lot of Brazilian for whatever reason.

Looking back, in particular the first Negócios ou lazer? (February 2014), I'm surprised I made it EVERY MONTH, even after giving myself permission to skip or give up if need be due to what ever life would throw me.  There were definitely months I didn't want to put on out.  (And I'm not sure why I proclaimed this would be my LAST mix series.  Don't feel like it will be.)  It was all good therapy, good practice, good tunes and a good ride.

As for the next mix, I think I might give myself a bit more of a break between this series and the next, compared to last time.  Just have some things to take care of first, including learning to become a photographer again.

Enjoy.  LN