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New Mix: Negócios ou lazer? 15

posted Mar 24, 2015, 6:34 PM by LNew OkiRonin

Number fifteen of the Negócios ou lazer? series.  About this mix, and the next two...hmmm...where to begin...?

The upcoming months will bring change to my life.  Maybe big & drastic, or maybe not much more than what life has been like this past year(s).  A lot of that I leave to God's plans & timing.  But change is certain.  So...let the crazy begin.

That said, I've hunkered down these past days, and I actually have the next two mixes ready as well (though I still plan on rolling them out as regularly scheduled).  Music has been in abundance, as usual.  Photography & cover concepts, simple but clever.  (If you check these posts for the full covers & track listings, you'll see what I mean.)

As for the music for these mixes, random & maybe a bit darker.  Sorry.  Of note, extra tracks by Blue States, the lovely Marisa Monte and Robert Glasper & Associates.  Got an abundance of guitar for Miss Phoenix.

And tracks by Gustavo Cerati/Soda Stereo.  I got turned on to Soda Stereo in the mid-90's, as a friend was getting me into Rock En Español.  Though the Argentine group had been around for a while, I fell in love with their last two albums, Dynamo (1992) & Sueño Stereo (1995).  Maybe because of the Shoegaze elements, but fantastic albums anyway.  A few years later, I found out that their guitarist/singer, Gustavo, went solo, and I picked up Bocanada (1999), another good one.

But for reasons not the band's, but my own changing tastes, I just didn't keep up with Gustavo or Soda Stereo (which reunited for a while).  Then last month, for whatever reason, I Wiki'd them up and found out the bad news: Gustavo passed away in September 2014...after four years in a coma due to a stroke.  He was 55.  Wow...

Así que ... esto es para ti, GC.

Enjoy for what it is, and hope to see y'all out the other end.  LN